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The Fiji Doctor

Blog & Articles

A Promise

At Lautoka City Medical Clinic, we believe in helping you. Its not a marketing cliche', its our most important business value. And we do this by giving you information through our posts and articles to promote prevention and create better awareness of the issues which affect all of us in Fiji.

Important Note

The articles and posts on this page are general advice and for your information. I strongly believe in helping my readers better understand medical and health issues, so you can make better informed decisions.

These posts are not intended for self-diagnosis. Please, always see a doctor for proper consultations and examinations! 

7 Lifestyle Changes for People with Diabetes

If you already have diabetes, you understandably have anxieties or even fears about how to deal with it. I've listed 7 lifestyle and dietary changes you should make, which will control your diabetes and allow you have a better quality of life than what you're dreading. Read more here!

Diabetes in Fiji - What You Should Know

Yes, it is a major problem. In this article, I explain how one gets Type 2 Diabetes, the most serious health issue facing us in Fiji.

If you'd like me to write on a particular issue or topic of interest, let me know by leaving a note on the Contact Us section of the home page. I'm happy to offer my thoughts where practical.